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GO4Empire: Game of Kings at Galactic Level

A strategy game like no others: online, real-time, mobile and multiplayer. An unparalleled story-line and realism.
Available both on Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Epic

This is a story of a young man.
A man with great potential, and greater ambition.

For this young man everything would start when he was picked for something special, something he always dreamed of; he was assigned as a Governor for a beautiful planet, which he would always call “Home”.

In a galaxy of 1.1 million planets a single planet may mean nothing. Even a cluster of planets deemed worthless, like a spec of dust on a wall. But it was good enough for him, for he knew “everything starts small”.

Galaxy’s sheer size and unforgiving nature would easily frighten anyone, but not him. He saw fortunes in its darkness and opportunities in way it works.

Starting from a rather poor planet might seem unfair, yet it had its perks:
• A well functioning economy,
• A healthy flow of tax income,
• A formidable armada compared to neighboring planets,
• Ready to go dark matter harvesters, and
• Donations from ever benevolent Galactic Federation.

One could live peacefully on such a planet, minding his own business, collecting taxes, investing, supporting research and taking no risks at all. Or, one could go the distance, subdue anyone on his path, test his wits, push his limits and reach the apple on top of the tree.

He knew that it won’t be easy, and he knew that it won’t be beautiful. Yet he felt ready, ready to reign his own destiny. The perilous path he chose was not a game, at least, not for the fainthearted. He knew that he should be ready to:
• Invade,
• Assassinate,
• Sabotage,
• Assimilate,
• Ignite uprisings,
• Bribe,
• Migrate, and
• Sacrifice.

But did he have the stomach to:
• Undermine allies,
• Betray, and
• Lie?

He wondered if any humanity would be left in him at the end.

History was full of evil carved out of good men. Was he any different? Could he stand against the urge or would he yield to the nature of men, a creature with a hollow heart that nothing could fill?

Would he turn into something he always hated, and was dignity something just for the weak?

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Go.4.Empire universe hosts many “Galaxies”, each containing roughly 2400 “Sectors”. Each sector contains 438 “Planets” on the average and each Galaxy contains nearly 1.1 million planets.

Galaxies are elliptical 3D spatial bodies with estimated diameters of 16,000 Light Years (LY), 10,000 LY and 1,200 LY.

Galactic Resonance and Cycles
Go.4.Empire Galaxies resonate roughly at a frequency of 6 rounds per hour. Once every 10 minutes (a “Cycle”) it comes to a “relative” rest (“Galactic Silence”) for a few seconds.

Understanding Cycles helps a lot in synchronization of mobile forces. Without Cycles, an orchestrated attack would not take place. With synchronization, arrivals of separate fleets at the destination can be tuned perfectly.

Galactic Silence
It is the short period of time occurring once per Cycle where the space-time disturbances are minimal. Keeping track of this very short time period is vital for spaceships to end “Leaps” safely.

A “Day” is 24 hours or 144 Cycles. Every turn of the day ignites major events like:
• Social mood updates,
• Fixing of tax amounts to be collected,
• Payment of expenses,
• Announcement of new rank, if updated, etc.

Several Galaxies form a Cluster where intergalactic affairs are possible; like Migrations and Multi-Galaxy Reigns.

15% of the Planets in a Galaxy are inhabitable. Number of inhabitable planets in a Sector may vary slightly but it is around 67. They are the main sources of potential tax income.

Technology Levels of species indigenous to the planets range from 0 to 7. Tech levels are lower towards the center of each sector.

VOID Planets
Uninhabitable Planets (“VOID” Planets) are good for navigational purposes (as “waypoints”), sneaking maneuvers, “Dark Matter Harvesting”, “Booby Trapping” and “Mineral Explorations”.

Home Planet
This is the planet assigned by the Galactic Federation to a new Ruler. It is the centermost planet in a sector, and it is the first Military Base of the Ruler.

Home Sector
This is the sector which hosts the home planet.

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