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Honey Fill: Innovative, Mobile and Social Flip Pattern Puzzle

A flip pattern puzzle like no others: online, real-time, mobile and multiplayer. An unparalleled 17,000+ level puzzle. Available both on Apple App Store and Google Play.

GO4MG is happy to announce the launch of Honey Fill: a re-imagined pattern flip puzzle designed around a cylindrical honeycomb. A full-size block puzzle on a mobile device. It can be downloaded via Apple App (iOS 12.1 +) and Google Play (Android 7.0 +) Stores.

Honey Fill is a multiplayer (+ solo), real-time, online (+ offline), multilingual, 3D, multi-style flip pattern block puzzle. It can be played solo or against an online challenger. It hosts a micro social network where you can make friends, chat with them, and play with them.

It is a free-to-play and totally free-to-have fun game. Free lives are distributed daily, but if that is not enough, in-app purchases can enhance game play.

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Game Features

• 3D cylindrical honeycombs enabling full-size puzzles,
• Online / offline,
• Real-time,
• Multiplayer,
• Multi-lingual, and
• Multi-style

Puzzle on a Cylinder: Honey Fill overcomes mobile screen size limitations through an innovative approach to puzzle design, which multiplies screen asset by a factor of three.

Honeycomb Topology: Honey Fill puzzles are continuous horizontally and run in three directions (all left-to-right): horizontal, ramp up and ramp down, thanks to the underlying hexagonal topology.

Solo Games: There are five different solo modes with increasing difficulties. First one is totally free, and no lives are lost. Second one is a casual game while the rest are racing against the clock. Each mode offers more than 3,400 levels.

Matches: There are three types of matches where you can play against an opponent.
• First type of opponent is a HoneyBot and is totally free, as all the other match types. You do not need to be online to play against a HoneyBot.
• Next one is against a friend, a “Friendly Game”. You can play against someone online on your friends list.
• Last one is against anyone online and waiting for a fair match.
• You can also setup a private match (via friends list) against a specific friend. Designed especially for in-family settings.

Micro Social Network: Honey Fill supports its own micro social network.
• Bring friends/family together,
• Make new friends via random locals or random globals lists,
• Add or remove players to/from friends list,
• Block or unblock friendship requests,
• Chat with them: general or privately,
• Help them or request help from them,
• Play with them via friendly matches,
• Check top player rankings, locally and globally

Settings and Customizations:
• A long list of avatars to choose from,
• Game language,
• Puzzle background,
• Puzzle theme,
• Gesture response,
• Notifications (required for online matches),
• Facebook account linking for cross-platform synching.

In-app Purchases: Honey Fill offers extra lives and ad-removal options.

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